About Us

Nanoprotex is the leading consumer products based on nanotechnology in Canada.

We work in this field since 2007 and working closely with leading experts in developing products based on nanotechnology last generation. .

Our efforts in research and development enable us to constantly develop new products while improving our current products.

added value

Nanotechnology is a breakthrough technology that can be used in several application areas like: medicine, biochemistry, construction, consumer products etc. ...

Nanoprotex specializes in the development and distribution of products specifically designed to treat the surfaces in different consumer areas such as automotive, home and leisure. Our products are developed using nanoparticles and are specially adapted for the different surfaces. All our products offer a great value to our customers and a competitive advantage.

Growing market

Our products are currently distributed in Canada and United States.

We distribute our products under our own brands but also private label. We are also able to develop products that can be tailored to specific needs of our customers and creating added value products.

The nano products is the largest industrial revolution of the past 30 years. Take advantage of this revolution and be at the forefront of your competitors.

For more information on the distribution and sale of products based on nanotechnology, please contact us at info@nanoprotex.ca.